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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Top 107 Films of All Time (Unranked)

Apocalypse Now Annie Hall Casablanca The Godfather Citizen Kane Psycho Rear Window The Grapes of Wrath Brazil Toy Story Who Framed Roger Rabbit? McCabe & Mrs. Miller The Wild Bunch Straw Dogs Sunset Boulevard The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Star Wars The Wizard of Oz The Incredibles Tootsie Double Indemnity Raiders of the Lost Ark Chinatown All About Eve One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest It's a Wonderful Life Schindler's List Gone With the Wind Bringing Up Baby Kind Hearts and Coronets Letters From Iwo Jima GoodFellas Lawrence of Arabia The Hurt Locker Ratatouille Network Babel Amarcord Nowhere in Africa Ninotchka Cinema Paradiso Wages of Fear Notorious (1946) Charade Bonnie and Clyde Amelie The English Patient Dog Day Afternoon Hannah and Her Sisters The Sound of Music Forrest Gump The Bridge on the River Kwai Notes on a Scandal In the Heat of the Night All the President's Men As Good as It Gets Jaws The Social Network Amadeus The Dark Knight Aliens Pulp Fiction 12 Angry Men North By Northwest The Lives of Others The Pianist Fargo A Streetcar Named Desire Rosemary's Baby Roman Holiday Enchanted April In America Seven Beauties    Talk to Her All About My Mother Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The Shawshank Redemption After Hours Memento The Killing Father of the Bride (1950) 2046 Requiem for a Dream Y Tu Mama Tambien Blue Velvet Amores Perros Modern Times The Last Picture Show American Beauty The King's Speech Sophie's Choice Midnight Cowboy A Clockwork Orange Taxi Driver Incendies The Usual Suspects Titanic The Artist Groundhog Day A Single Man Punch-Drunk Love A History of Violence Boogie Nights Little Children Rachel Getting Married

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