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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Errors of the Human Body Review

Michael Eklund. Photographer: Anna Howard. Copyright Instinctive Film GMBH.
Errors of the Human Body Review
2013, 97 minutes
Not Rated

It is never a good sign when I am having trouble writing a review of a film I barely remember after only seeing it a couple of days ago.  Directed by Eron Sheean, Errors is about a scientist, Geoffrey Burton (Michael Eklund) who moves to Dresden after losing his infant son to a new genetic disease and the subsequent break-up of his marriage.  Soon after arrival, he realizes something wrong is going on at the lab he's working at and tries to find out what is going on.

Michael Eklund's performance is the stand-out of the film.  It is intense and sympathetic.  He plays a man with a massive amount of emotional baggage and is very convincing.  The rest of the cast isn't as convincing.  There isn't much that is specifically wrong about them, it's just that they are not very convincing.  The cinematography and score are both quite good and give the film an eerie feel.

Where this film falters is that it takes a while to get moving, and when it does, nothing particularly crazy happens.  When watching a supposed body horror film such as this, I expect it to be at least somewhat disgusting or weird.  It has a few moments (I don't even remember most of them), but doesn't capitalize on the film's premise which is ripe for opportunities to crank up the craziness.  

Errors, while mildly entertaining, has not sat well with me.  I somewhat enjoyed it while watching it, but as you can read, I don't remember much of it at all only a couple of days later (compare that to Antiviral, another new body horror film, which I remember distinctly after a longer period of time).

Overall, Errors of the Human Body is a letdown.  While Eklund is certainly well-cast in the lead, he doesn't have a good enough movie to support him.  This movie has a lot of promise and was entertaining enough while watching it, but not being able to remember it afterwards is not a good sign.  Errors is not a bad film, it is pretty good, but isn't good enough to rush out and go see.

-Joshua Handler

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