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Friday, July 29, 2016


Courtesy of STX Entertainment
2016, 101 minutes
Rated R for sexual material, full frontal nudity, language throughout, and drug and alcohol content

Review by Adam Gordon

You would assume that the title says it all. You've seen that bloody awful trailer and have already dismissed it as idiotic. What was Mila Kunis thinking? You saw the TV ad and thought, "Who are they kidding with that derivative crap?" And you saw the poster and were appalled! But then something strange happened. The unbelievable occurred. A shocker. A real Hollywood mystery. The word-of-mouth on Bad Moms was quite good and the reviews coming out now are quite positive.

Stop reading instantly if you are not one to suspend disbelief and let go of your inhibitions. Just enjoy a fun 90 minutes of old-fashioned raunchiness. In the vein of an Old School, Anchorman, or Wedding Crashers, but playing more like a Trainwreck or Bridesmaids companion, Bad Moms is the story of Amy (Mila Kunis) an over-committed housewife whose marriage breaks up right as she is about to break. She joins forces with two other stressed-out moms played by the brilliant Kathryn Hahn and sly Kristen Bell, and the trio run out on the PTA meeting, liberating themselves from all the motherly and family duties. Of course, this puts them right on course for a showdown with Bitch Queen Head Mother of the PTA (the ever-hot Christina Applegate), the school itself, and their own families.

While the script to Bad Moms has nothing on the likes of Trainwreck or Bridesmaids, it does have many, many laughs and will leave you feeling good. It won't change your life, or the human experience, but it does show that we have progressed far enough to say that it is impossible to be a perfect mom, and it is damn hard to have it all!

7 out of 10