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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

From the Mouths of Horror Filmmakers: Ben Wheatley

Ben WheatleyPhoto by Ian Gavan - © 2015 Getty Images - Image courtesy

With the success of IT FOLLOWS and the recent discussions it has sparked about the number of original, critically-acclaimed indie horror films being released, I wanted to reach out to some of the most original voices in horror cinema to ask them a few questions about the state of horror cinema today and why they believe there has been a resurgence of sorts of great horror.

The responses below are from Ben Wheatley, best known for directing Down TerraceKill List, Sightseers, A Field in England, and the upcoming High-Rise

Why do you believe there has been a surge of critically-acclaimed horror films recently like IT FOLLOWS, THE BABADOOK, YOU'RE NEXT, and others?

The bottom line is we get the cinema that we deserve. If we support intelligent genre films, then we will get more intelligent genre films. If we don’t go and see them/buy them/tell our friends about them, then they won’t get made. 

Why do you believe horror films are important to cinema as a whole?

Horror is important because it allows a break away from the lie of the happy ending. 

What's your favorite horror movie?

My favourite Horror film is Threads.

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