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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Courtesy of IFC Midnight
2013, 90 minutes
Not Rated

Review by Joshua Handler

Grabbers is a new Irish horror comedy from director Jon Wright that was actually quite a bit better than it should have been.  The film tells the story of what happens when a drunken cop (Richard Coyle) and a straight-laced cop (Ruth Bradley) team up on a small Irish island and tentacled alien beings attack.  The film throws in some nice plot elements and it gets crazier and funnier as it goes on (you'll see what I mean).

Grabbers benefits greatly from a solid script by Kevin Lehane and really good, energetic performances.  The story, while structurally nothing special, definitely has some unique twists and keeps everything light-hearted and fun.  The dialogue is also very funny.  Ruth Bradley and Richard Coyle have fantastic chemistry and turn in very good performances, a rarity for a horror film.  While each of their characters has unlikable characteristics, they make them human and charming.  They are very fun to watch onscreen and are completely game for what the film asks them to do.  The supporting cast is also strong.

What I responded to most, though, was just how much fun Grabbers was.  No, it is not Shaun of the Dead or Attack the Block, but it wasn't trying to be.  It is its own film and that is perfectly alright.  This is a modest movie that never takes itself too seriously and will prove to be a fun night out.  There are a few suspenseful bits, but Grabbers is more funny than anything else.  

Overall, Grabbers is yet another solid horror film from IFC Midnight, who has put out such quality films as Berberian Sound Studio, Maniac, and Room 237.  It is not a masterpiece of filmmaking, but is certainly worth watching.  It is amazing how far good performances go.  Coyle and Bradley really carry this film through to the end.  It is also refreshing to see a monster movie with something original to it.  Grabbers is a winner.


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