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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Slamdance Shorts: Feature 3

Morrisa Maltz's "Odyssea"
by Joshua Handler

This final collection of Slamdance Shorts reviews is a bit late, however I had to publish since the two films reviewed below are excellent.

"Odyssea" - Morissa Maltz's beautifully designed, magical realist tale "Odyssea" tells the story of a girl who walks through her odd hometown after some time away.  A rather puzzling watch, this film is completely worth seeking out, as it is an incredible look at how a little money and a lot of imagination go a long way.  Maltz directed, produced, edited, and designed the film and it shows - she has an amazing eye and shows lots of promise.  This was obviously a personal project and one that really resonated with me.

"Ovo" - This is a bewitching watch.  Mihai Wilson's "Ovo" is a visually gorgeous sci-fi film about three people stranded on a desolate planet.  The visual effects and the actors blend beautifully, the grungy, yet strangely beautiful, look of the planet is imaginative, and the finale is exciting.  Look out for Wilson and his crew.

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